JS++ Tutorials

  • Getting Started with JS++

    Hello World

    Level: Beginner

    This tutorial will help you get started with JS++ writing your first "Hello World" program, a simple application that is typically the first program you learn to write.

    This tutorial will cover several "Hello World" examples using the console, DOM (Document Object Model) for web pages, the jQuery library, and Node.js.

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  • The JS++ Type System

    The JS++ Type System

    Level: Beginner-Advanced

    Learn about the groundbreaking JS++ type system and how it can help you develop higher quality applications.

    The JS++ type system is a fundamental part of JS++ and is required to master the language.

    This book will cover everything from the basics to advanced patterns. In addition, you will learn how to use JavaScript libraries in a "typed" JS++ environment.

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  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

    Level: Intermediate

    Object-oriented programming (often abbreviated as "OOP") is a programming paradigm centered around objects. An "object" can be anything: your dog, your co-worker, your house.

    JS++ is a multi-paradigm programming language that implements object-oriented programming via classes. OOP with classes can be a powerful way to build, structure, and organize your applications.

    This book will introduce the reader to OOP with classes and modules in JS++.

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