Company Overview

Onux® Corporation is a software company founded in London, UK and having operations in San Francisco, CA and Silicon Valley. Initially founded to bring the JS++® programming language to market, the story of Onux begins in a London park. Roger Poon, the founder of Onux, was walking through the park while thinking about programming languages and type theory. Having been working on the problem for years, Roger was determined to find a solution. In the park's meditative atmosphere, the solution finally clicked. Roger immediately ran back to his desk to write down all the notes. Onux solved the problem of soundly consuming dynamically-typed code from a statically-typed programming language, one of the most challenging problems in programming language theory. The JS++ type system was born, and, along with it, Onux Corporation.


Defining the Future

The Onux corporate slogan is "Defining the Future." Onux is the technology leader in its respective markets. At Onux, we have a vision for the future, a strong belief in our vision, and a plan to get there. We endeavor to live meaningful lives, and we never settle for less.

Onux is a highly-technical company. Founded as a company working on programming language theory and compiler engineering, we aim to solve the problems that others believed were "not possible" — that's how the company was founded.

Driven By Passion

We live and breathe computers. We have strong opinions on our hardware — down to the CPU and hard drive. We got excited when we printed "Hello, World!" to our computer screen for the first time. We talk software and technology in our free time. We have a nostalgia for historic computer equipment but equally love the smell of a new machine.

Who We Are

We are experts in our fields: leading thinkers and battle-hardened engineers that have paid our dues. We work on cutting-edge technology, and we like to understand how the technology works from the high-level architecture down to the low-level bits and bytes.

We are professionals that take our work seriously, but we still have fun. The company name, "Onux", was derived from its phonetic resemblance to the "onyx" rock. When used in jewelry, it has a polished black shine and represents the values and culture of the company: strong, via its hardness, and determined, via its dark colour.