Company Overview

Onux is a technology company founded in London, UK with operations in San Francisco, CA and Silicon Valley. Onux specializes in programming languages, compilers, and developer tools. The company is responsible for the development and marketing of the JS++® programming language.

In the News


  • Roger Poon
    Founder, Onux

    Roger is an entrepreneur, speaker, and engineer that has been programming since 1997. Roger has programmed for 20+ years, worked internationally in senior engineering positions, and has granted and pending patents for sophisticated algorithms and complex applications ranging from search engines to type systems.

  • Anton Rapetov
    Lead Engineer, JS++ Programming Language

    Anton leads development for the JS++ programming language. Anton specializes in compiler engineering and co-invented "existent types" to solve out-of-bounds errors, an error condition that has existed since the first programming languages.