JS++ 0.9.2: ‘final’ variables and macOS Catalina 64-bit Defaults

JS++ 0.9.2 is now available for download and features final variables and fields. Additionally, due to Apple’s decision to stop supporting 32-bit applications beginning with macOS Catalina, we have changed the default binary to the 64-bit compiler for Mac.

final variables can now be used:

import System;

final int x = 1;

final can also be applied to fields:

import System;

class Foo
    public static final int bar = 1;
    public int baz = 2;

Console.log((new Foo).baz);

The final keyword, when applied to a class or method, had already been implemented in previous versions.

macOS Catalina (released Oct 7, 2019) has ended support for 32-bit applications. Previously, JS++ distributed a 32-bit build of the compiler as the default for universality. Going forward, we will be distributing the 64-bit build as the default for macOS. If you still need the 32-bit binary, it is included with all releases going forward as the js++-x32 binary. All guides and tutorials have been updated.

Roger PoonRoger Poon
JS++ Designer and Project Lead. Follow me on Twitter or GitHub.