Embed JS++ Code and Snippets into Web Pages

You can now embed JS++ code and snippets into your web pages. We have support for the JavaScript Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev and CodeMirror.

The JavaScript SyntaxHighlighter project by Alex Gorbatchev has been around for a while and is used by Apache, Mozilla, Yahoo, WordPress, among others. It’s actually used right here on this website for highlighting JS++ code.


The CodeMirror plugin can be used for embedding JS++ code and snippets on your website. However, CodeMirror is also the text editor plugin for popular editors too. Projects like Adobe Brackets use CodeMirror as its underlying text editor. Thus, the JS++ CodeMirror plugin can be used for creating your own text editor or IDE that supports JS++ in addition to embedding snippets on your web pages.

Download these free extras from our GitHub.

Roger PoonRoger Poon
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