JS++ – Minor Bug Fix Release

JS++ has been released. This is a minor bug fix release. The following issues have been fixed:

1. Checking for permissions. Compiler now checks if the user has permission to read input files and write to output directories.
2. Segmentation faults for built-in modules (e.g. `Externals.DOM`)
3. Dead Code Elimination (DCE) algorithm updates so parent modules do not get eliminated.
4. Error 0119 was incorrectly being raised on function parameters. This has been fixed so assignments to parameters can be done.
5. Parser bug for regular expression literals.

In the next release,, we will be including free, open-source libraries for AJAX and real-time streaming.

The latest version can be downloaded from the JS++ homepage.

Roger PoonRoger Poon
JS++ Designer and Project Lead. Follow me on Twitter or GitHub.