JS++ Goes Into Public Beta!

Today, we are proud to announce JS++ v.0.4.1 Early Access Preview. Along with this release, JS++ is officially going into public beta.

With JS++ v.0.4.1, you get a fully “typed” JavaScript superset which leverages the patent-pending JS++ type system. Here’s what’s new:

  • Array types, including jagged arrays (arrays of arrays)
  • Callback types
  • Major parser fixes. No more parser ambiguity bugs.
  • external type for parameters to explicitly mark parameters as the Unified External Type
  • Character literals
  • All integral suffixes have been implemented
  • Removed ECMAScript’s Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI)
  • Bug fixes
  • New samples: drag & drop examples and jQuery animation
  • New tutorials

This release was about solidifying JS++ and fixing as many bugs as possible so that we would have a rock-solid typed JavaScript superset. To this end, the major bug fixes are actually in the parser which should be 100% attributed to our team member, Anton, who has had full responsibility over the JS++ parser since the beginning of the year. The parser was completely re-done and is now stable and very well-tested with over 3,000 test cases and 184,000 assertions.

The next release will see new keywords being added such as final, inline, and foreach.

From here, we will be working to deliver object-oriented programming (OOP) with classes and modules. This will “complete” the JS++ type system. Interesting things are on the horizon for JS++!

Roger PoonRoger Poon
JS++ Designer and Project Lead. Follow me on Twitter or GitHub.